I'm Cara-leigh,
I'm 21, I have a beautiful son named Aiden
He was born on March 3rd 2010
He is always happy and very busy.
He is my entire heart and my life.

I'm a die hard Habs fan
Stephen Colbert is my idol.

Got questions feel free to ask

Win or lose I will always bleed Bleu, Blanc et rouge




wearing hockey jerseys are great because it’s like wearing a hug

Which is funny because most of the time hockey is the reason I need a hug.


Welcome to Canada, yesterday, I didn’t even need a sweater, today, it’s snowing.

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This is really asking a lot, but I really want to know how many people are in the hockey fandom. So if you are, please reblog this ONCE and only once. It’ll be more accurate this way